The Eagle Warriors - Serpents Bane

The Jailors cells

After defeating the zombified remains of their friend Leatherhead, the group paused to catch its breath.
The smells of incense, snakes and rotting meat permeating the air made breathing difficult.
The group then looked through the beaded curtains to the north and saw a long well lite passageway with several doors leading off it.
Moving cautiously and quietly, the group moved to the south side of the room and peeked through the beaded curtains there and saw a small room containing some bedding, a table and a shelf with several books. It looked like a resting chamber for several of the snakemen. On the far side of the room there was an iron bound door leading to the south.
Pendrecal moved to the door and found that it was locked. After a few minutes, she was able to pick the lock and open the door a crack. She tried to be quiet, but an overpowering stench of decay made her sneeze as she looked in!
The room on the other side had 8 iron cells on the sides. The snake man next to the table in the center of the room looked up, startled by the sneeze and quickly grabbed a blow gun. The group rushed in and quickly slew the guard.
In one of the cells they found a elven woman chained. The group freed her using keys they found on the the Snakeman guard.

They next opened the door to the south to a wave of flies and reek of rotting meat. The room had mounds of dead humanoids and animals, slowly rotting on the floor. It looked like this might be their “food” store. Tharival entered and was going to stab the bodies to make sure that none of them were zombies. It was a good idea! Unfortunately the zombie in the stack didn’t want to be stabbed and after a short fight, the group defeated the rotting undead creature.


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